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Johnny's Hime Competition ~Part 2~

Title: Johnny's Hime Competition
Author: fietha
Pairing: NONE
Rating: G
Theme: Non Yaoi
Genre: Comedy
Disclaimer: They're all belong to JE, their parents, and themself. I don't own anything!
Summary: Suatu hari JE mengadakan sebuah kompetisi yang berhadiah super dahsyat. Liburan ke Hawaii dan Bali selama 2 minggu. Dan tentunya, kompetisi bernama "Johnny's Hime Competition" ini merupakan suatu kompetisi dimana cowo - cowo cantik setiap grup di JE yang mengikutinya!

( Inoo in kimono?! Chii in Seifuku?! Nino in Kebaya?! )
Tags: author: fietha, fandom: arashi, fandom: hey!say!jump, fandom: johnnys jr (kis-my-ft2), fandom: kat-tun, fandom: news, genre: comedy, rating: g, theme: non-yaoi, type: multichapter
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